Diapers Matter

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Hi. I am here to vent.

I love my baby, everyone who knows me or who has seen my social media accounts knows I love my baby seemingly without limit. One thing that I do NOT love is her current diapers.

My wife and I got a lot of Target gift cards while she was still pregnant. As baby shower gifts and from gifts that we returned because they were duplicates or we just didn't need them in our plan of how we wanted to raise our baby. Sorry, but that's the truth. I will need to write a separate article about the importance of sticking to registries and how much work can be created for the party receiving the gift to then have to deal with an unwanted gift.

Back to the diapers. We used the copious amount of Target money on, Target-brand diapers. At least I think these are targets brand, the up & up diapers.  They do just fine for when a diaper change just involves numero uno. But when it's time for bulk delivery, the effectiveness of the diapers is a whole other story. You know, when the coffee finally hits in and you need to drop the kids off at the pool. But babies can't drive, so they can't possibly drop the kids off at the pool. That was just a joke relax, I will just pretend that everyone reading laughed.

So what happens is that my poor baby experiences a blowout where her extra special surprise that she has for mommy and daddy creeps out of the up & up diapers onto her little back or tiny stomach. There are multiple reasons why this is terrible, aside from the fact that my precious baby now has half her body covered in her shit.

First off,

there will be a lot to clean up. I get to figure out a way to continue carrying her without getting myself or any of my precious IKEA furniture dirty. I also get to figure out a way to put her down on the changing pad while minimizing the splash zone. Keeping your mouth closed is advised as the smelling poop is better than tasting it IMHO.  


someone is going to have to clean up all of the clothes, car seats, baby carriers, couch covers, and adult clothes that have become collateral damage in this biological sneak attack. So along with the baby's clothes, I get to take all affected garments and fabric items to a sink to scrub out. Dreft is currently the cleaner of choice for my household.  

Cleaning Steps

Wash the garment with hot water, then spray it with Dreft and scrub out the stains on the garment. Let sit for 5 minutes, then rinse once again with hot water. Finally, air-dry the garment, and once dry, add it to your regular wash for one final cleaning.

And Finally,

my poor baby is now pretty distraught and pissed off that this has happened to her. Clearly not her fault as she is A BABY. But regardless of how we put this brand of the diaper on her, and regardless of who puts this brand of the diaper on her, literally without fail this happens once a day. This means once a day my baby is going to be screaming because of something preventable if these diapers would do a better job at being absorbant. She gets mad not only at the mess but at the fact that I must now change her clothes. She is in this phase where taking clothes off and putting on clothes is unacceptable and she is not shy about vocalizing her protest to either of these actions.

So in conclusion,

A whole lot of work and screaming baby could have been prevented if we just had the diapers do their job properly. I am wanting to buy some Huggies or Pampers as I hear they both have better absorbency and might help my family avoid any more of these tragedies from happening again.

This is all wishful thinking until I am able to put some new diapers to the test and prove that it was the diapers causing these blowouts and not the installation or my baby's fault.

We are moving over to cloth diapers soon, so that should be fun too. Stay tuned for updates on how this whole diaper ordeal is going and to see how we are faring with cloth diapers. Hopefully, they are more than just good for the environment and good for my little family too.

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