Continuing Education Challenges

a person reading/studying with a cup of coffee
Photo by Jacob Bentzinger / Unsplash

Lots of professionals have certifications or licenses that must be maintained and renewed. The way that these credentials are validated is often through the completion of Continuing Education credits, or CEs for short.

I am currently in the midst of renewing one such certification. But instead of simply renewing my existing cert, I am studying for an exam that would put me one step closer to earning a higher-level certification in the subject field.

This of course is stacked upon all my other obligations. I know, I know, everyone has their challenges and things they struggle with in life. I am in no way more or less burdened or distracted than anyone else; I am currently struggling with this.

I am re-learning how to organize my time with the new addition to the family. The time I can study is less and less but I can still erk out a few hours in the evening once the baby is down for bed and the house is in order for the night.

One plus is the addition to the "home gym"; an elliptical machine. This really doesn't seem like much, but to my cross-country abused knees, this machine is a cardio dream. I used to hate this machine and would opt for running or a treadmill any day, but in my advanced mid-thirties, I would like to save my running miles for my little one once she starts running around.

Anywho, the significance of the elliptical machine, is that I am beginning to revive my physical fitness a bit. What initially started as an incentive to have more ice cream and sweets after dinner is showing its true benefits in enabling me to focus for longer periods of time while studying. This is something that I once knew and had forgotten in the past months preparing and now caring for a baby of my own.

So I am doing my best to stay consistent with posting to this site while trying to maintain a study schedule where I take the exam in May. Originally I was going to take the exam back in December 2021, but I postponed it because I didn't feel like I was ready. No more excuses. I need to stick to it and get this exam knocked out because there is at least one more before I can earn the certification I am going for, and I would like to have earned this before 2023.

Please wish me luck and be patient with me in case I miss any deadlines with putting up posts on this site, and thank you in advance for your continued support!