"Broken" Fridge

Open refridgerator at night
Photo by nrd / Unsplash

A few weeks back, my refrigerator decided to start shouting. Unprovoked to my knowledge, the faint hum was replaced with the sound of a weed-wacker. It was so loud I had to yell at Alexa. My bad.

I immediately began traveling down the road of despair, looking up the costs of repair, new appliance pricing, the most advantageous place to buy a new refrigerator, etc. After going through many worst-case scenarios, I went to YouTube and found this:

Here is the video that saved me a lot of time and money

Excellent video.

Moved everything from the freezer to the fridge, since I only have 1 refrigerator/freezer combo, frozen goods in the fridge overnight would have to do. Once the freezer was emptied, I powered down the unit and filled the freezer with towels, and covered the ground with towels too, to catch the ice and water from the freezer defrosting.

The next morning, all the ice build-up in the freezer was gone. Plugged it back in and it powered up. With the weed-wacker sound gone and its familiar low hum now returned to my kitchen, it sure seemed like the problem was resolved!

Once the freezer returned to its icy cold temp, I moved all the frozen goods from the fridge back to the freezer.  After gathering up all the damp towels and throwing them all in the wash, I continued with my morning. It has been several weeks now and the fridge and freezer both sound fine. The freezer is still making lots of ice, and everything is as cold as it should be, all thanks to a good YouTube video!