March 11, 2022, Link Roundup

a woman reading a newspaper
Photo by Priscilla Du Preez / Unsplash

Here are some links to interesting articles I found on the web this past week.

Get your kids on the fast track to streaming lol


Disappointing news to hear, but here it is.

Even Moderate Drinking Might Shrink Your Brain, Study Finds
Heavy alcohol consumption had a greater effect, but just one drink a day was linked to a smaller brain.

Yeah, more fun here.

Giant Spiders From Asia Are Poised to Invade the U.S. East Coast
Despite their formidable appearance, the long-legged Joro spiders aren’t considered a threat to people or pets.

And an interesting bit of news with Crypto.

Biden to Feds: Figure Out This Crypto Thing, Stat
Bitcoin surged on news of the order, which calls for a “whole-of-goverment” approach to analyzing the risks and benefits posed by crypto.

An awesome game from the Game Boy Advance era, Advance Wars is being remastered for the Nintendo Switch but is not being delayed due to what is happening over in Ukraine.

Best for last. Since I love Star Wars, here is a new trailer for the upcoming Kenobi series coming to Disney Plus!